Wish List

Our Wish List

Top of the List: Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop

To keep the Khayalethu boys active, fit and healthy; we try to introduce as many different sports activities as we can.

We’d love to make basketball one of their options.

Production and installation of a basketball hoop like the one pictured here will cost us R27,600.

If you can help, please give us a call on 041 484 5667.

No.2: 50 Metres of Clearview Fencing

Clearview Fencing

The Khayalethu boys initiated the 42K Buddy Up Relay Marathon in 2021 to raise funds for two trampolines in their playground. So far, the holes have been dug and the trampolines have been purchased, but we can’t install quite yet. To ensure our children’s safety, trampoline play must be supervised, so we need 50 metres of Clearview Fencing to enclose the trampolines and manage access.

Can you help us complete the boys’ trampoline project?

We estimate that 50 metres of fencing, as pictured here, will cost us R50,000.

If you would like to help with a donation or if you have leftover fencing lying around, please give us a call on 041 484 5667. Find out more about the 42K Buddy Up Marathon here.

Needs List

The Centre is a home for boys who come from extremely difficult backgrounds and, because of sad circumstances, have spent time out of school and on the streets. These boys are not eligible for other children’s homes, but – with positive intervention at the right time – can turn their lives around when they make use of the many opportunities offered to them here.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring our latest wish list to your attention and hope that, in some way, you will be able to help us to make these a reality.

Please scroll down the list below.

Monetary Donations

Any monetary donations are used for the needs of the boys, unless otherwise specified. At present our monthly running costs amount to about R200 000. The Department of Social Development subsidy of R112 000, which includes a stipend for three Child Care Workers and one Social Worker, does not even cover the basics. This leaves us with a monthly shortfall of R88 000 per month which must be raised by means of donations and sponsorships.

Find our banking details here.

A New House for the Khayalethu Oliver House Project

Our project is divided into the K1 Programme and the K2 Oliver House Programme. The number of students in K2 varies depending on how many boys are eligible in any given year. We only take boys who have come through the ranks of K1 and who want to be part of the programme. We’re anticipating a fairly large group being ready all at the same time and the cost of adequate accommodation for K2 has been estimated at R950 000,00.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and giving some thought to our various needs. We would also like to assure you that the Black Beneficiary percentage of ACVV KHAYALETHU YOUTH CENTRE is 100%.

The ACVV Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Services. The PBO registration number is 93006889. This means that all donations are tax deductible both personally and for your business. Please ensure that you receive a receipt from us, which you can pass on to your accountant and tax advisor to help you pay less tax.

The ACVV Khayalethu Child and Youth Care Centre and Oliver House is a registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service – PBO Reg. No. 93 000 6889 – and also as a Non Profit Organisation – NPO 199-436.

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