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Saskia Neelen

In the end of January 2020, I kicked off an adventure unlike any other, my internship at Khayalethu! At the time, I was studying social educational work at the Odisee Academy in Brussels. 

Jetting off from Belgium for the first time was a heart-pumping leap into the unknown, and I’m so grateful I took this opportunity! South Africa welcomed me with open arms, offering a vibrant tapestry of socio-economic insights, rich culture, and heartwarming encounters with some truly incredible people. During my internship, I got up close and personal with the boys at Khayalethu, learning not just how to connect with them, but also what makes them tick—from their favorite pastimes to their life perspectives. It was a golden opportunity to hone my skills as a future social education worker and improve my language skills, all while soaking in the good vibes.

 The early days were a bit of a tightrope walk, earning the trust of the boys since I was the new person in their daily lives. But soon, my days were brimmed with sports, music, heartfelt chats, epic rap battles, and endless laughter. I also cherished our beach clean-ups, waging war on plastic pollution, and the high-kicking hustle of karate classes.

 Sadly, my journey got unexpectedly stopped when the pandemic cut my internship short in March 2020. Undeterred, I made a heartfelt comeback in 2023, revisiting Khayalethu and reuniting with some of the boys and staff. It felt like a homecoming!

 Reflecting on my journey, it was an eye-opening, skill-building rollercoaster of joy and challenges. I’m eternally grateful for the chance to be part of such an inspiring organisation, even if just for a while. What a ride it was!

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