Oliver House Programme

The Programme is divided into phases and each phase should be evaluated before continuing to the next.

PHASE 1 (expected duration no longer than 4 months)

  1. An information session
  2. Overview of programme, expectations, contracting
  3. Application to be part of programme
  4. An informal interview.
  • The co-ordinator, house mother, Head of Khayalethu and resident are present
  1. Motivation/application will be read through and discussed
  2. A drug test will be done – If positive, they will not be admitted
  3. The agreement/contract must be discussed and signed by both parties
  4. An IDP (individual development plan) is set up for each resident and reviewed at the end of each phase
  5. A draft CV is compiled
  6. During this phase they young men must enrol for, attend and successfully complete the 5 week Livelihoods Programme at Umzi Wethu. (Or a similar course)
  7. This is followed up by a 5 week mentoring programme presented by the Doxa Youth Programme based in Zwide.

12.   During this time it is expected of the young men to participate in an income generating project to fill the time               gaps

  • A percentage of this income will go towards the Oliver House running costs
  • They may also be required to work on the grounds either on a voluntary basis or for pocket money, when they are not busy with another programme.
  • This fulfils and important role in teaching the basics of becoming “work fit”
  • They are then “employed” by Khayalethu and under the supervision of the Handyman or admin officer
  • They will be required to wake up on time, complete their daily duties, report for duty, sign on and off, stick to the given work hours, be responsible and accountable.
  • They are paid a small daily stipend at the end of each week
  1. They young men start with their Driver’s License Programme, by preparing for the Learner’s License, making an appointment and doing the test.
  • The Driver’s License programme will be in Phase 2/3.
  1. In order to successfully complete Phase 1, the young men are expected to:
  • Be helpful in the House, as part of a team, by doing the allocated duties, and cooperate with the house mother, keep the rules as agreed upon.
  • Random drug tests may be done if it is suspected that a resident is using drugs. If positive, the resident will be suspended immediately.
  • Attend all scheduled House meetings or make a reasonable and timely excuse to co-ordinator.
  • Attend the weekly men’s meeting
  • Participate in a fitness programme of their choice
  • Prove that they are able to look after themselves regarding personal hygiene, keep their lockers and drawers tidy, manage their weekly food rations, do their personal laundry, look after their belongings, respect their fellow resident’s belongings
  • Stick to the requirements for working on the premises. (Punctual, responsible, sign on and off, work hard, etc.)
  • Have a test date for their Learner’s License or already have attempted the test.



  1. During this phase the young men and coordinator start on individual work related skills and possible job placements
  2. A bank account is opened for the young men, they register for Income tax and do security clearance
  3. The young men also apply for Coega Driver’s programme and set test date
  4. CV is updated


PHASE 3: (Can last from 6 months to a year)

  1. The young mens settle into work routine, manage time, learn to cope in the workplace, attendance, punctuality, transport, conflict management, communication etc
  2. The young men are taught to plan their budgets in order to save and make a monthly contribution to living expenses at Oliver House
  3. The young men make arrangements to buy a bicycle if necessary
  4. Living arrangements for the future is planned as well as an exit date from the programme