Therapeutic Programme

This programme aims to equip the boys with various skills in order to address the unique challenges they where previously exposed to and are still experiencing.  The programme further aims to increase the self-confidence of the boys, equip them with communication and interaction skills as well as nurture leadership.

The programme includes:

  • Assessments conducted by counsellors of NMMU
  • Group therapy sessions conducted by registered counsellors
  • Individual therapy sessions conducted by outsourced psychologists
  • Equine therapy sessions
  • Life skills sessions presented by various groups and individuals
  • Participation in the NACCW Youth Forum activities
  • Annual Prize-giving ceremony where individual achievements in sport, academic performance as well as character is recognized

On admission, the IDP [Individual Developmental Plan] of the boy is revised by the social worker and the boy to ensure that a new strength-based plan is compiled for the boy within the different programmes of the Centre.  This plan is developed in terms of the categories Mastery, Belonging, Independance and Generosity.  This plan is revised every 6 months to ensure the plan remains relevant to the holistic development, progress and potential of the boy.