Sport Programme

The Sport Programme of the Centre is quite comprehensive as sport has been proven to be an effective behavioural management tool as well as extremely beneficial toward the nurturing of self-confidence.  Bearing the background of the traditional street child in mind, where they are confronted and actively involved with all kinds of illegal substance abuse, and even legal substances, such as petrol and glue, the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle is essential.

This programme includes the following Sport activities:

1. Karate:

Karate was selected as a sport because of the strict discipline that martial arts are known for. One of the most vital aspects in the successful transformation of a street child, is discipline and structure. Through the continuous, effective and competitive nature of the sport, the boys also learn respect and to manage their frustration.

Karate has proved vital in restoring their self-esteem and it is an excellent way to channel negative  energy or frustration. The programme has proved itself again and again and the total behavioral transformation of the boys bare testimony to that fact.

Karate is conducted by Sensei Justin Botha:

  • The boys are taught Shotokan Karate and our club is part of the WJKA association
  • Karate classes take place once a week for approximately 2 hours
  • Competitions are attended once/twice per term and where the boys always win medals
  • We had the privilege of having 3 of our boys being enabled to compete in the 5th WJKA World Championships in Vlissingen, the Netherlands after qualifying for full SA FSK colours!

2.  Swimming:

  • Swimming lessons commenced at Aquabear Swimming during October 2014 and are aimed at teaching the boys the basic safety of swimming to ensure confidence within the water
  • Swimming lessons are conducted by the trained staff of Aquabear Swim School

3. Soccer:

  • Soccer is practiced weekly with great enthusiasm
  • The boys participate almost every 2nd weekend in a game versus another Child and Youth Care Centre or Place of Temporary Safe Care
  • The boys also take part in the trials for the Homeless Soccer World Cup as well as various local tournaments


  • In the past, fifteen of our boys have taken part in the Herald Cycle Race as well as the Clover Cycle Race. Due to the recent passing away of our cycling donor, Khayalethu is actively seeking another benefactor in this area.
  • The boys cycle at least once a week and participate in various events promoting the sport
  • Recently, the boys have discovered an off-road Cycle trail near the Centre which tested and increased their skill capacity for this sport

5. Sporting events:

The boys take part in various sport events to demonstrate their skills and increase their self-confidence, perception as well as socialization skills, e.g.:

  • Ocean Racing Series
  • Ironman, Ironman for the Kidz, and Ironkids
    • 5 of our younger boys participate annually in the Ironkids challenge which forms a highlight on our calendar
    • All of our boys support the Ironman athletes on the cycling route where we spent the whole day – until the last athlete passes us
    • 2010 was the biggest Ironman event in the history of Ironman to date. Competing and training for such a prestigious event not only opens doors never thought of before, but it definitely assures the competitor that anything is possible in the future!
    • To compete in an Ironman SA event, hosted (and in this case, sponsored by Triangle Events), competitor has to complete:
      • 3,8 km Ocean Swim
      • 42 km Run
      • 180km Cycle
  • BigWalk for Cancer
  • MuckRun
  • Colour Run
  • Rivermile