Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Programme

The aim of this programme is to equip the boys with the basic knowledge and skills of personal hygiene as well as ensure the overall physical health of the boys.  The programme is conducted by the social worker and responsible Child Care Worker and includes:

  • Health and hygiene inspections and maintenance every week
    • During these sessions the nails, hair and overall hygienic state of shoes, lockers, beds, bedding and clothing are addressed
    • The issue/replacement of toiletries
    • The inspection of clothes, towels, face cloths, soap dishes and replacement if necessary
    • Although basic hygiene is maintained within the Centre, official inspections are conducted to improve overall health and hygiene
  • Visits to clinic/doctor/dentist/optometrist/psychiatrist
  • Preparation of nutritious meals which includes a school snack [planning and revision of menu, proper purchasing and stock control forms part of this aspect of the programme]