Wish List

History is being made in the life of the ACVV Khayalethu Youth Centre and we feel very privileged to be part of the story! Of course with changes come challenges. The bigger the change, the bigger the challenge. We would never have the courage to embark on this journey without the help of our sponsors, old and new.

The ACVV Khayalethu Youth Centre is a children’s home for boys who come from extremely difficult backgrounds and because of sad circumstances have spent time out of school and on the streets. These boys are not eligible for other children’s homes, but with positive intervention at the right time, can and often do, turn their lives around when they make use of the many opportunities offered to them at the Khayalethu Youth Centre.

Since the miracle of the move from our previous premises in North End to the new property in Theescombe, we have experienced many answered prayers and wishes as we have settled in to make this our new home.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring our latest WISH LIST to your attention and hope that in some way, you will be able to help us to make these a reality.

For the Boys:

Arts and Crafts Materials: 

Colouring Books, Paints, Glue, Plasticine, etc.

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Small Toys and Games: R1 000

Marbles, Spinning Tops, Balls (Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis Balls)

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Takkies: 35 Pairs

The following quantities
and sizes are needed:
1 Pair Kiddies’ Size 9
1 Pair Kiddies’ Size 11
3 Pairs Kiddies’ Size 12
1 Pair Kiddies’ Size 13
1 Pair Size 1
1 Pair Size 2
4 Pairs Size 3
6 Pairs Size 4
10 Pairs Size 5
3 Pairs Size 6
4 Pairs Size 7
1 Pair Size 8

Jeans: 35 Pairs

R100 per child

Hoodies: 35

R150 per child

35 Packs of 5

R55 per pack

Socks: 35 Pairs plus school socks

Pyjamas: 35 Sets

R120 per child

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Monthly Expenses:

Monthly running costs for which donations will be most welcome:

 Cleaning Materials: R 1 108,00 per month
Bleach, cleaning liquid, dishwashing liquid, Jeyes Fluid, insecticide sprays, laundry soap, washing powder, steel wool, sponges, cloths, etc. We use 35 kg of washing powder per month!
Water: R2 400 per month
Electricity: R2 600 per week
Gas for Cooking: R900 per month
Fuel: R12 000 per month
Telephone and Fax Services: R3 200 per month
Chlorine: R800 per month or 20 kg per month
Medical: R600,00 per month
We make use of the local clinics and public health care for chronic treatments. Acute cases are sometimes dealt with by our nurse or a private GP who sees our children free of charge. Prescribed medication, like antibiotics, as well as OTC medication, like painkillers, vitamins, ointments, deworming tablets, flu vaccines and first aid items, etc. must be purchased as required.

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Equipment Needed:

8 Metal Trestle Tables (Quote on request)

Child-Friendly Environment:

We’ve been enjoying our new premises for nearly 5 years now, and there is seldom a morning that goes by that my heart is not filled with gratitude when I drive through the gates. Up to now we have focussed on alterations necessary to change the house into a children’s home, built the office block, and started the Strong Foundation School. Our goal now is to make the premises more child friendly.The swimming pool that Ironman 4 the Kidz donated, was an unbelievable gift and it has made a huge difference already. The staff and boys worked hard to fetch grass soils and plant a mini soccer field next to the pool. This is already looking good. We would like to acquire the following playground equipment to provide healthy play opportunities. These will also be beneficial when we hire our play area out for holidays to help bring in some funds.

Roundabout: R35 256,00
(Quote on request)
Jungle Gym: R54 970,00
(Quote on request)
Slide: R54 970,00
(Quote on request)

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Needs on the Property:

Bathroom Renovation
4 Good quality toilets, including cisterns 

Cement Slab for Recycling Area and Rubbish Area (Quote on request)
Khayalethu is making an effort to be responsible “earth citizens” by starting to recycle. We have a partnership with Waste Trade who supply us with bins and bags and collect the recyclables. These can look rather untidy and we would like to confine the bags to a specific space which looks pleasing and neat.

Portable Seating Stand for Sports Events (Quote on request)

Small Building Projects:
Mend leaking roofs, guttering for awning, shelter for recycling project with cement slab and roof, paint for bathrooms, etc.

Save for Learning:
We would like to complete our much needed Hall  “Space for Learning”so that certain activities (like weekly karate, prize giving, marketing events, etc.) are not weather dependent. The completion of the Hall will take place in five phases as we do not have the finances to do it all in once.

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 Sports & Play Programme

Karate Programme: R 2051,00 per month
Karate has proved useful in improving the boys’ self-esteem and it is an excellent way to channel pent up energy and frustration. The karate programme has proved itself again and again and the total behavioural transformation of the boys bears testimony to that fact.

Cycle Programme: R10 000,00
We have 15 bicycles, but these need ongoing maintenance.

Soccer Programme: R1 893,00
The boys desperately need new soccer boots.

An Assortment of Sports Equipment: Balls (soccer, rugby, tennis), bats, rackets, crickets sets, etc.

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Monetary donations:

Any monetary donations are used for the needs of the boys, unless otherwise specified. At present our monthly running costs amount to about R200 000, of which the Department of Social Development subsidy covers only R112 000. This includes a stipend for three Child Care Workers and one Social Worker. This does not even cover the basics and leaves us with a monthly shortfall of R88 000 per month which must be raised by means of donations and sponsorships.

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A New House for the Khayalethu Oliver House

Our project is divided into the Khayalethu Youth Centre (K1) which can take 28 boys of school-going age, and the Khayalethu Oliver House (K2). The number of students in K2 varies depending on how many boys are eligible in any given year. We only take boys who have come through the ranks of K1 and who want to be part of the programme. We’re anticipating a fairly large group being ready all at the same time. (Read more about Oliver House) The cost of new accommodation for K2 has been estimated at R 950 000,00.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and giving some thought to our various needs. We would also like to assure you that the Black Beneficiary percentage of ACVV KHAYALETHU YOUTH CENTRE is 100%.

The Khayalethu Youth Centre is a project of the ACVV, and is registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) with the South African Revenue Services. The PBO registered REG. Number is 93006889. This means that all donations are tax deductible both personally and for your business. Please ensure that you receive a receipt from us, which you can pass on to your accountant and tax advisor – this will help you pay less tax.

Our banking details are as follows:

Name of Account:
ACVV Khayalethu Youth Centre

Name of Bank:

Branch code:

Account number:

Swift code:
ABSA ZA JJ (use spaces)

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact me – Dr Marietjie van der Merwe, Director of Khayalethu – on the following numbers: 041 484 5667 or 072 278 8787.