Secret Sunset at Khayalethu Youth Centre
Secret Sunset was held at Khayalethu Youth Centre a few weeks ago. We gathered a few pictures and video snippets together to share the joy of the occasion. Take a look! The Khayalethu boys have got the moves.

Secret Sunset at Khayalethu Youth Centre

Khayalethu Youth Centre
As part of Youth Month, Veronica Fourie of SAFM visited Khayalethu Youth Centre and interviewed Dr Marietjie van der Merwe and two of our “old boys”. Listen to their interview here.   For Khayalethu friends not fluent in Afrikaans, here’s a translation: Veronica: Young boys that live on the street […]

Khayalethu on SAFM

It was a great pleasure to start the day with a group of people who are dear to us; to thank them for all they do for Khayalethu; and to share our big dreams for the Youth Centre. A great big thank you goes to these friends of Khayalethu for […]

Our July 7th Breakfast With Friends