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Khayalethu Youth Centre

Our mission at the Khayalethu Youth Centre is to provide intervention programmes and alternative care for street children, specifically boys, between the ages of 8 and 18; meeting their basic needs through a holistic and developmental approach with the ultimate aim of re-socialisation and family re-unification.

Oliver House

At the ACVV Khayalethu Oliver House, the young men are between 18 and 21 years of age. Here the aim is to source a skills programme or apprenticeship, over an extended period of time, that will enable the young men to re-integrate into society in a skilled and productive way while effectively providing for themselves and, hopefully, their own families some day. During their stay at the ACVV Khayalethu Oliver House, it is not only about finding these young men the correct skills training opportunity or apprenticeship, but also about their learning valuable life skills, such as social integration and etiquette in social and home environments, and the workplace. They are given the opportunity to obtain their learner’s and driver’s licences and they are taught to budget along with other responsibilities related to living and running a home successfully.